Management Policies

Management is generally 10% of the gross monthly rent for single family units with a $100 minimum monthly charge, and negotiable for multi-unit properties.

The charge to place a tenant is 50% of the first month’s gross rent with any advertising cost as stipulated in the management agreement. Unless otherwise agreed, management is to be exclusive.

Barker & Calkins, Inc. serves as the tenant contact for all communications, unless otherwise agreed.

Routine maintenance is arranged by Barker & Calkins, Inc., unless specified otherwise in the management agreement. Routine maintenance is also sub-contracted to known, regularly used, trusted and licensed contractors. Barker & Calkins, Inc. is a licensed General Contractor (CCB #32699).

Maintenance needs in excess of an agreed upon dollar amount spelled out in the management agreement are communicated to the owner prior to the work taking place, unless logic dictates otherwise and/or in cases of emergency, i.e. habitability items, floods, fire, etc…

An extensive network of specialized contractors are used for more detailed or complicated tasks such as roofing, sheetrock repair, carpet replacement, major plumbing, etc… Barker & Calkins, Inc. does not charge additionally for standard contractor work. Barker & Calkins, Inc. will charge 10% to 20% of the job cost for coordinating extensive repairs above and beyond normal turnover and operations.

Drive-by inspections are done regularly. Interior inspections are made by arrangement and during maintenance visits/inspections, or when potential issues are perceived.

Barker & Calkins, Inc. screens all tenants, including credit checks, rent/mortgage payment histories, income sources, job stability, eviction history and criminal checks when necessary. If an eviction becomes necessary, Barker & Calkins, Inc. will follow through with the eviction and court process (FED).

Rents are collected in accordance with Oregon Landlord/Tenant laws. If rent is not received by the date specified in the rental agreement, phone/email/text contact is attempted. At Barker & Calkins discretion, if the rent becomes seven (7) days or more past due, the tenant will receive proper notice to pay or vacate, as allowed by law. Tenants are advised of these policies as part of the initial check-in process. Late fees are set in the rental agreement and incurred if rent is paid more than five (5) days after rent is due.

Rental due dates are generally set up for the first of each month; late fees collected after the fifth of each month, if warranted, and any non-payment notices given on the eighth day or later. An itemized disbursement with complete documentation of expenses including copies of any invoices is mailed to the owner approximately mid-month, allowing for checks to clear. An annual statement is mailed with 1099 forms no later than January 31st of each year, providing Barker & Calkins, Inc. has been provided with exact names matching exact social security numbers or tax identification numbers.

Barker & Calkins, Inc. can make mortgage, insurance, homeowner assessment or other regular monthly payments, if desired and if funds are available.

Barker & Calkins, Inc. does not discriminate. All potential tenants will be treated equally and judged on their own merits, although to be accepted any potential tenant must pass our acceptance criteria. Applications are timed and dated to avoid confusion.